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Our special pizzas since 2015

They’ve been around since the Pizza Bande opened – the very special special pizzas

Our chefs regularly create new, very special pizzas for you. The special thing here is that ingredients are put on the pizza that you won’t find on our menu. For example, seasonal ingredients such as asparagus, mushrooms or pumpkin, but also ingredients that are unusual for classic pizza, such as smoked salmon, falafel or caramelised nuts, find their way onto the pizza – and that is then also particularly delicious!

But beware: to enjoy these unusual creations, you’ll have to be quick enough! Because every time new special pizzas are added to the menu, the “old” ones have to go.

But that’s no reason to be sad, because here you can reminisce and browse through the “Pizza History”. And maybe your favourite will come back again after all….

The current special pizzas

By the way, you can find the special pizzas that are currently on the menu here (but remember: they will soon be replaced by new ones!):