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Pizza completely individual

…topped as desired and freshly baked!

Of course, you can put together your very own pizza creation with us. Your Pizza will be prepared directly fresh for you. And the best thing is: You can watch our chefs do it, because our open kitchen is right behind the counter!

The beginning is, of course, the:

Basic pizza with mozzarella + tomato sauce + olive oil: 10,50 €

Extra garlic is available for free and we prepare the vegan version for you with “Keese” or sesame sauce.

This are our toppings:

Toppings for 1,80 €

Red onions
Pepperoni = green pepper 2,5
Fresh chili (hot)
Jalapenos 2,6

Toppings for 2,60 €

Artichokes 2
Mixed bell pepper / capsicum
Marinated olives 2 (with pit)
Dried tomatoes 2,10
Fresh mushrooms
Shepherd’s cheese
extra mozzarella (Fior di Latte)

Toppings for 2,90 €

Salami 1,2,5
Sucuk 1,2,5,6
Cooked ham 2,5
Parmesan slivers (18 months matured)
frische Cherrytomaten
Fresh ananas
Ruccola with / without balsamico 4
Vegan bacon 11

Belag für 3,50 €

Buffalo mozzarella
Serrano ham 2,5
Goat cheese 5
Salsiccia 2,5
Chorizo 1,2,5
Saitan gyros (marinated, from own production), contains gluten
Vegan tuna 7,8,11

You can find the current special pizzas here:

1Colorant 2Antioxidant 3Citric acid 4Sweetener 5Preservative 6Flavour enhancer 7Celery 8Mustard 9Sesame 10Sulfite 11Soy