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A drink with the pizza?

…here you go!

Whether with or without alcohol – with us there is also the right drink to go with the pizza: from lemonade to a cool blonde to a delicious red wine, there is certainly something for everyone! And of course you can get our coffee with vegan soy milk on request.

Non alcoholic


Viva Con Agua (sparkling or not) 0,33l 2,50
  0,75l 5,50
fritz-kola 1,5, fritz-kola super-zero 1,4,5 0,33l 3,10
fritz-limo orange lemonade 1,2
fritz-limo zitrone 2
0,33l 3,10
fritz-spritz bio rhubarb- or aple spritzer 0,33l 3,10
fritz-kola mischmasch 1,3,5 0,50l 3,50
Club Mate 0,50l 3,50
Müllers Malz (Malt beer) 0,33l 3,20
Jever Fun (non-alcoholic beer) 0,33l 4,00
Franziskaner Hefeweizen (non-alcoholic beer) 0,5l 5,00


von Pascucci
BIO with organic milk or vegan with soy milk
Espresso 5 BIO 1,90
Espresso Macciato 5 BIO 2,10
Espresso Doppio 5 BIO 2,70
Americano 5 BIO 2,60
Cappucino 5 BIO 3,20


SAMOVA - Heidi's Delight Space Alpenkräuter BIO 2,90
SAMOVA - Heidi's Delight Space Darjeeling BIO 2,90



Astra Urtyp 0,33l 3,90
Augustiner Helles 0,50l 4,80
Franziskaner Hefeweizen 0,50l 5,00
Jever 0,33l 4,00
Ratsherren Pils 0,33l 4,00
Ratsherren Pale Ale 0,33l 4,40
Alsterwasser Astra Kiezmische 0,33l 3,90

Red wine

Maison Vialade Marselan IGT (Grenache+Cab.Sauv.) 0,20l 6,80
  0,75l 20,30
Cantina Di Custoza Carda Merlot IGT 0,20l 7,20
  1,00l 28,90
Santo Stefano Negroamaro Rosse Salento IGT 0,20l 8,30
  0,75l 26,40

White wine

Cantina Di Custoza Chardonnay IGT 0,20l 7,50
  1,00l 29,80
Kesselring Weißer Burgunder BIO 0,20l 7,90
  0,75l 23,70
White wine spritzer 0,20l 5,90


Somersby Apple Cider3 0,33l 4,90

1Colorant 2Antioxidant 3Citric acid 4Sweetener 5Coffein | Our wines contain sulfites