Opening: Pizzeria in Hamburg

Pizza-Bande new on St. Pauli!

In the earlier meeting point for celebrities and the towns oldest China restaurante, will from now and on pizza dough fly through the air, because the pleasure- seeking audience needs light fare for the hard evening. Within walking distance to the hotspots Kiez and Hamburg harbor, in the Lincolnstraße is pizza just how you love it: thin, crispy and made with love.

Vegan, vegetarian or with everything? Here are vegetarians sitting together with meat eaters, because pizza-Bande is building a bridge, skillful and well: in the open kitchen are creative interpretations of Italian classic baked- or the guest compiles out of a big selection of fresh vegan, vegetarian and meaty ingredients his own wish pizza.

Depending on the state of market and the seasonal offer are our friendly St. Pauli-originals in front of your eyes making pizza creations, that will make your heart beat faster: for example the pizza smoked tofu with candied bell pepper, pine nuts and hibiscus-chili-cream or a hot chorizo pizza with artichokes, olives and smoked buffalo mozzarella?

Selected but affordable vines, BIO drinks and coffee specialty’s complete the offer.

Pizzeria in Hamburg

Pizza-Bande, Lincolnstraße 10, Hamburg St. Pauli.
Opened: Monday till Sunday,
Mon, Tue, Wed, Thu: 16:00–22:00, Fri + Sat: 13:00–23:00, Sun: 13.00-22:00
Ca. 50 seats. All the meals to take away too.